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Anyone playing Pokemon GO in Mauritius, the augmented reality game?

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gices Muzzammil
gices 19 Jul 2016

Just wanted to know if any Mauritian is hooked onto this new craze to catch Pokemons at shopping malls, parks, forest, cities by using your smartphone as an augmented reality gadget?

Would be nice to know where these Pokemons are hiding in Mauritius - bet there are some at Bagatelle and Caudan.



RoseOfUniverse 19 Jul 2016

I want to play, I am still waiting for it :( (it's not available on app store yet and I don't want to jailbreak my iphone :'( :'( :'( )

gices 24 Jul 2016

Hopefully it will come soon.

Muzzammil 25 Jul 2016

Seem Pokemon Go is more fun than expected
I just started 2 days before
still wondering how to play :P
not kind of a huge fan of holding mah phone so much and walking
if the amount of users in mru increase, i might consider it

zsaudi 01 Aug 2016

Can u plz tell me whr i can download the apps coz its not available on google store.

Thanks :)

YashveerAudit 24 Jul 2016

Yup! I actually on level 6. I just started playing it 3day ago and yeah it's damn cool You can find gyms at MCB building, bagatelle near "Arabia". You can also find pokestops at bagatelle ,Shoprite ,cybercity ,jumbo ,gymkannah and other malls and at other famous public places.

Oh yes I did found water type Pokemons those were goldeen and horsea both were caught in the afternoon between two to three pm .After three pm i had no battery left.
**There is a problem I can't reply to you when you commented to my answer

gices 24 Jul 2016

Oh nice. I knew some would definitely be hiding at Bagatelle. Did you get any water ones?