Best webhost for Mauritians?

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xuser3483 23 Apr 2011
I mean, "best" in terms of speed and features: mysql databases, control panel, domain/dns registration, etc, etc...
Amazon's cloud service seems nice but due to recent problems they were experiencing, I'm considering one based in Mauritius.
Thanks in advance


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gices 24 Apr 2011
There are a couple of things you need to take into consideration:

1. Where will the majority of visitors come from? If they will be coming from Mauritius, then it makes sense to host the website there.

2. What sort of traffic are you expecting? If it's a small site, you can get away with shared hosting.

3. What language the site is being developed into? Will you need Linux or Windows?

All the web hosts operating in Mauritius that I've checked (and I've checked a lot) do not host the websites in Mauritius but host them elsewhere like America/UK/Australia.
sarah_7 01 Nov 2019

indeed mine is hosted in sweden

punisher 28 Apr 2011
if u were not looking for a mauritian webhosting i would have recommended
xuser3483 28 Apr 2011
Godaddy? Seriously?
I thought it was the worst hosting on the net.
But thanks for your answer.
Anything else?
punisher 01 May 2011
worst hosting o.O i didnt know abt that , anyways some of my friends are happy with the services provided... just thought to share my thoughts with u
xuser3483 25 May 2011
I've found one, thanks to a commenter on yashvinblogsDOTcom :
xuser3483 26 Apr 2011

1. For Mauritians
2. ~500MB monthly. Shared hosting, if there's any.
3. PHP. I'm going to use Wordpress and/or maybe Joomla. Linux or Windows, it doesn't matter.

I already know one Cybercafe that hosts dynamic webpages on their Windows server and they have a 2mbps Orange Business package. The problem? It's not fast, bandwidth is shared with computers at the cybercafe and they are unreliable, from what I've heard.

I've tried the Orange's 50MB webspace which comes with my internet package: Super fast (very low ping), static webpages only, ftp transfer only, and no control panel.

To clarify, I'm looking for a Mauritian webhosting service with full functionality which gives a speed of that of Orange's 50MB free webhost (or close) and as reliable as that of, say Bluehost, Justhost.

If there isn't such thing, what web host would you recommend for Mauritians?

Btw, cleverdodo is hosted in the UK right, gices? Page loading is fast, what host are you using?
punisher 28 Apr 2011
oh php programmer :D nice...
gices 28 Apr 2011
Yes cleverdodo is hosted in the UK. Page loading is fast because of built-in optimisations and access to dedicated resources :)

I haven't come across any hosting service in Mauritius at the moment. The closest I got to was but their customer service ain't very good, so I decided to stay away from them.