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Dogs in Mauritius

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Dogs are believed to have been the first animals to be domesticated by man from the gray wolves. They have always been known to be good companions, ideal hunting partners, watch dogs etc. People all around the world adore dogs and puppies without a doubt always attract a lot of attention. There are a number of breeds in Mauritius mostly of mixed races; pure breeds can be obtained mostly in German shepherds and Dobermans. Dogs are thought to have been brought to Mauritius by immigrants coming to settle on the island and thus bringing their pets with them.

At that time there were no restrictions whatsoever regarding animal travel, but now due to the ease of disease transmission, importing an animal is a delicate business. Before a dog can land in Mauritius, the place where the animal is being imported has to issue a health certificate confirming it as disease free (especially from rabies). The head veterinarian must be informed of the import 48 hours before landing. The animal is then quarantined for a minimum of 1 month at the Ministry of Agro Industries at Reduit at the owner’s expense. It is offered a space for itself there and the owner can visit his animal, play with him and bring his food, if he wants to do so, every day from 09am-11am and 13.30pm-15pm while on Sundays visits are only in the morning.

Where to get dogs
Dogs can be bought from specialised breeders, PAWS (Protection of Animal Welfare Society) or the MSPCA (Mauritius Society For the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). While you may already know the breeders, make sure to check out the parents and all necessary information regarding the animal. At PAWS, dogs and puppies can be adopted for a fee of Rs 600 to cover vaccines, treatment, leash and collar. It is requested by PAWS that you have a fenced yard, a minimum of Rs 500/month to feed your dog, make money for treatment and allow enough time for your animal. PAWS also offers services like treatment and vaccines to those who cannot afford them and even take people who do not own a vehicle to the centre and back home once an appointment has been made (631-2304) for these procedures. The adoption process at the MSPCA is a bit more complex: the breeder must have a valid permit issued by the MSPCA (the permit number can be checked there), the health certificate of the dog/an electronic chip/tattoo recognised by the MSPCA, inform the buyer that the dog must be registered with the MSPCA within 15days to become owner of the puppy and give a pedigree certificate if the puppy is of pure breed, the buyer must insist on seeing the two parents of the puppy, make sure that the puppy is more than 7 weeks old and sign a contract with the breeder (contract available at the MSPCA). Prices vary from breeds to breeds.

Dog Grooming
There is one parlour in the north at Grand Bay called Doggie Wash and a Poochie Parlour in Floreal. Grooming is very expensive and so you can do your own grooming at home at your own pace by learning some of the essential basics and buying all that you need for animal care in a local pet shop. Go for brushes that fit in the coat of your animal (length, thickness etc). Be careful when cleaning the ears of your dog to remove wax, dirt and hair to prevent damage to the sensitive tissues there. Make sure that you get the cooperation of your dog for nail clipping or you can ask your veterinarian for some advice to do it. Check out the eyes carefully to remove tear stains and if needed, get the help of your veterinarian for this.

yonne Published 12 Nov 2011


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maman777 22 Jun 2016

I'm looking for a chihuahua puppy for my daughter but i don't have facebook account.can you please tell me how i contact someone here in mauritius

BadFundodo 14 Jan 2016

The only animals allowed in human society(man's urbanised world) are those which are used for human entertainment/pleasure/companionship. (Dogs/cats) The rest are useless, therefore killed on sight. Oo How self centred.

RVsanju 12 Jan 2016

i need a dog>..... from where i can import one..
Canid hybrid (fox)

jenny21 04 Jan 2015

Hello I want to buy a Chihuahua in Mauritius but none is available. I need a small size puppy to stay indoor. Please advice me where I can find one.. Or if I have someone abroad thatcan buy it for me what are the procedures to bring the dog in Mauritius.?

Hello dear... Contact Andy Woo on Facebook.

chien-de-guardkennel 09 Oct 2014

What is the procedure for applying a breeders permit in mauritius??