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Neighbours dog barking non-stop, Quatre Bornes

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dododede 10 Apr 2017

The dog keeps barking non stop every afternoon. It always seems to be left out in the sun. The dog barks until late at night sometimes starts from 4 am in the morning. I've never heard any dog barking so much non-stop. There are other dogs in the area too, but this one just doesn't stop barking.
I've seen the owner kick the dog once, but that's all. I've not witnessed any other 'ill-treatment'.
I've tried speaking to the owner, saying its too disturbing for your neighbours that your dog barks so much, he doesn't care. What can I do? I'd like some peace, please.
Quatre Bornes

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gices 11 Apr 2017

You can try the tips listed here.

eg Contacting the Environmental Police