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Salon des Animaux

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Yesterday there was yet another event in Mauritius, yes it was Salon des Animaux in Rose-Hill held on the grounds of a school called St Mary’s. Organised by the MSPCA there was a dog show, beauty contest, dog grooming and more. It was the first time I have been to this event and I thought it would be a nice day out. I think it started at around 10am I got there for around 12.15 but it was nightmare, the roads were packed! Like you know Mauritians are not very courteous, so there was a bit of a struggle to find a space. There was also a long queue to enter and this didn’t matter what time you came as I heard it was like that all though out the day.

the crowd

the field

big dogs

There were many dogs of all breeds that you could play and ask more information on but I did find some dogs being mistreated whilst I was there. Although there was adequate room I found that the stands were a little too close together so it was a struggle trying to get up close to see some of the rarer breeds. There was a bouncy castle and face painting but no organisation regarding the both. There was a dog show where you could see dogs performing tricks and jumping through hoops etc, there were also horse rides.

bouncy castle

face painting



There were also supposed to be farm animals but all that was there were goats and you couldn’t really feed them. There was a little section where you could pet some animals such as a hamster, rabbit, iguana and soft shelled turtle but there was such a crowd that it was dangerous for little children.

shellless tortoise


guinea pig


dog with glasses

horse riding

I doubt I would go again as it was overcrowded and lacked organisation, also it was very dry and there was lots of straw scattered around the field, this made my asthma flare up. I was there for a good hour taking my time trying to get some good pictures, what I didn’t understand were parents who brought their children but were too scared to interact with the animals, that was a waste.

Peaches Published 17 Sep 2012