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Are the nature parks and shopping places wheelchair friendly in Mauritius?

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anonymous_4 24 Sep 2013


Me and my partner are coming to mauritus (staying at la pirogue, flic and flac) in september; my partner only walks short distances so sometimes needs wheelchair; we want to go to one of your nature parks; are any of the suitable for wheelchair users?? also we want to go shopping/ like for souvenirs and gifts; where is the best place?? what is transport like? is it wheelchair friendly?

many thanks


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Muzzammil 13 Oct 2013

ssr botanical garden has good paths, wheelchair friendly

Peaches 13 Oct 2013

Just went there today and it is about 80% accessible, wasn't that bad but to get to the animals will be a little hard for a wheelchair user

Peaches 02 Oct 2013

I'm sorry but most places are not user wheelchair friendly, I have a toddler and using a stroller in most places is near impossible. We went to Crocodile park and could hardly use the stroller, the same goes for Casela, there are a lot of steps and uneven paths.

When it comes to shopping you should be okay in Bagatelle and other large shopping malls but I would check beforehand. As for souvenirs I would have advised either Port Louis or Grand Baie but for a wheelchair user it would out of the question. The best place for a wheelchair user would be Super U in Grand Baie, they have a very good range for a supermarket.

I would have to disagree with the previous answer, as far as I have seen you are highly unlikely to get a wheelchair friendly taxi as they are all standard estate cars but I have seen a few of our UK black cabs serving hotels so keep an eye out for those. The only place I can think of that is wheelchair friendly is Pamplemousse Gardens but then again I could be wrong, it has been a while since I went there.

anonymous_4 30 Sep 2013

I would suggest that you check with the staff of La Pirogue hotel in the first place. It is possible that the taxis that serve the hotel might have some drivers whose cabs are adapted for wheelchair passengers. Generally taxi drivers are usually friendly and willing to help. As far as the cost for this type of vehicle, you will have to check in advance and verify with the hotel whether it is afair price. The reception desk might help you regarding cost of taxis adapted or not.

As for the shopping Centre, Bagatelle is very consumer friendly and I have personally seen people in wheelchairs wandering freely within the complex. There are lots of stores whether for souvenir hunting or for general shopping and loads of good restaurants within the complex and all at ground level. As for wheelchairs themselves, I have no idea whether the hotel or the shopping mall in Bagatelle provides them.

Just a word of caution regarding transportation in Mauritius: Buses are not friendly and have no accommodation for wheelchairs. I would advise that you take a taxi for all your trips with the caveat that you do check in advance regarding cost and wheelchair accommodation.

As for the nature parks, most of them do not have accommodation for wheelchairs but with many other places like the Pamplemousse Botanical gardens , you will have no problem whatsoever and you could spend a good day there if you so wish.

I am afraid I cannot advise in a precise way regarding all the places here. Things might have changed since I visited all the different places. Good luck.

Peaches 02 Oct 2013

Hmm wheelchair friendly taxis? You'll be lucky, have you actually ever seen one?