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If i am paying the A-level cambridge examinations, can i still compete for the scholarship? That is, i will be having more than 10 absences from school. Even more than 15.

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gices Level 6

No, you can't because of the following:

To be eligible for the State of Mauritius Scholarships, students must study at school:

(i) General Paper Subsidiary (ii) One other Subsidiary subject (iii) Three Principal subjects from one of the Sections A, B, C or D below

Students must also satisfy a number of other criteria, including:

(a) have a minimum of six Credits, including English Language, at one sitting (or five Credits at one sitting and a sixth at a later sitting. Again English Language must be one of the subjects);

(b) not have more than 10 days of absence from school in the Lower Sixth or Upper Sixth without due cause;

(c) not have reached the age of 20 before the 1st July in the year that the student takes the HSC exams.


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