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Mauritian laureates and nobel prize winner

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Officially started in 1901, 5 years later than the intended idea, the Nobel Prize is an international recognition of someone being the best in the field of Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature and Peacemaking. This fund was put forward by Alfred Nobel in his will where he specified that he wanted a large part of his money to be used to award outstanding people in the above mentioned fields on a global scale following his death (disagreement about this situation in his family caused the 5 year delay). In 1968, in memory of Nobel, an award in economics, the Sveriges Riksbank Prize, was added to the other 5 prizes. Since then, every year, awards (medal, certificate and cash prize) of best project pioneer are offered to people from all over the world at the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm, Sweden.

In 2008, a Mauritian writer, Jean Marie Gustave Le Clézio, was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature thanks to his wonderful way of writing by giving words a powerful asset to reflect his ideas. Though born in France and having spent a lot of his time around the world, Le Clézio considers himself to be Mauritian enough. He has been writing since the age of 7 and has made his way through literature with a number of novels in English and French. He is proudly the 3rd winner in French literature since 1901.

Mauritian Laureates
Education is an important sector in Mauritius and the government invests millions in it per year. The best HSC students, laureates, are awarded each year undergraduate scholarships abroad for further studies. In all, 30 scholarships are awarded amounting to about Rs 165 million (14 girls+1from Rodrigues, 14 boys+1 from Rodrigues). One boy and one girl are fully funded for medical studies through the SSR National Scholarship, 8 boys and 8 girls are offered the State of Mauritius Scholarship for a course of study that they want (up to 4 years funding). 6 girls and 6 boys are offered Rs590,000/head/year for their chosen studies valid up to 4 years.

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