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How do you expect Mauritius to develop once 5G becomes available to the general population

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sarah_7 11 Dec 2019

Also do you know if 3G and 4G enabled mobiles will be able to use 5G? For now only public services use 5G


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gices 13 Dec 2019

5G has just arrived in the UK for us and it's just available in a few cities, so I'd expect Mauritius to lag quite a lot behind.

3G - 2Mbps 4G - 200 Mbps 5G - 1000 Mbps

I heard 5G is about 10 times faster than 4G, so you can imagine people watching high quality videos on their phones without any buffering or lag or doing 4K video calls.

I think people will opt into 5G enabled WIFI in their homes because broadband will not be able to achieve those super fast speeds, so maybe broadband prices will go down, which means more people will be able to afford it, which ultimately means more Mauritians will be online and consuming the internet.

With that said, social media will become an even greater problem.

On the bright side, local businesses will be able to expand their IT infrastructure further and deliver more robust solutions to make things easier for Mauritians to use.

What's your take on this?

sarah_7 15 Dec 2019

well I won't have to take 15 minutes to log on clever dodo.

gices 16 Dec 2019

Ouch! I promise I will make it load faster (just so you can stop nagging me :D)

sarah_7 16 Dec 2019

I'm not nagging you. I'm just very sad that my overall internet experience is so stressful on daily basis. I can't work at times. My friend bought movies for me but they won't load on the app. I can barely watch videos so I'm stuck on written websites. But maybe i should start nagging you on the autosave feature since i lost two huge paragraphs the other day :PP