What are some interesting event groups?

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sarah_7 13 Oct 2019


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gices 14 Oct 2019

Interesting for me may not be interesting for you :)

What sort of things are you passionate about?

sarah_7 15 Oct 2019

anything that teaches me something

gices 15 Oct 2019

Have you tried facebook groups?

Or even better, if you're passionate about something, how about you start your own group?

sarah_7 18 Oct 2019

I'm looking for events similar to mscc and cafe scientifique... like you go to learn. it's daunting to find such type of activities in mauritius

gices 19 Oct 2019

@sarah_7 yeh I know, that's why I want to start groups/communities on Clever Dodo to allow people with similar interests to find each other and take their passion forward :)