What are the myths and legends of Mauritius?

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Iron_Man 26 Oct 2012

and folktales...



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Sagitarius 27 Oct 2012

1, Paul and Virginie
Bernardin de Saint Pierre's novel which is a fiction constructed by putting together people and events which really existed or occurred but had no connection to each other, is believed by many Mauritians (or at least they [we] like to pretend they [we] believe) to be true.

2, The Pieter Both Mountain
There was a milkman from Creve Coeur who used to walk to the surrounding villages to sell [guess what] milk. One day while trying a shortcut through th woods he stumbled upon a group of fairies [or witches] dancing [naked, I like to think, but if there are children and feminists around don't mention it] They were all a bit shocked but finally the fairies told him he could come and watch their dance but he had to make sure he never talked about it.

So now everyday the milkman delivered the milk as fast as possible so he could spend more time watching the enchanting ballet. People noticed his change in behavior and his friends started to ask more and more why he was always in a hurry and why he always returned home with a feverish look.

He evaded them for some time but one day they cornered him and interrogated him till he finally told them everything. The next day when he went to watch the dance the fairies were waiting for him. They asked him: So, you talked? He faintly stammered: y-y-yes. The fairies turned their back and disappeared. The milkman was turned into stone. His head swelled and went to the top of the Pieter Both Mountain [wished I had a photo]

gices 27 Oct 2012

Hmm, that Pieter Both Mountain story is very interesting, lol

Sagitarius 27 Oct 2012

Serves him right, when ladies are specially nice to you, it's best you keep it to yourself.

There another one about the origin of the name Anse La Raie, but I don't know if it really happened or if it's a legend.
- One day long ago a giant ray arrived at that small bay north of Grand Baie and settled there. Soon, for some reason, it started to attack the small fishing boats. It would jump high out of the water and fall on the light boats which sank under the weight.
Several boat were destroyed and a lot of men killed before the fisherman conceived a plan to destroy the monster.
They had a long metal harpoon forged and secured it upright on a boat. Then they built a dummy figure of a fisherman which they impaled on the harpoon. The boat was then left to drift in the middle of the bay. The giant ray was killed when it attacked that boat and Anse La Raie bears its name from that time.

Yet another one about which I don't know what is history and what is legend:
Near Sans Souci, (midway between Dubreuil and Montagne Blanche) there's an area called Diamamouve. The waterfall [and the river too, if I'm not mistaken] bear the name of the maroon slave Diamamova. It is said that his master's wife eloped with him. There are other versions [black and white versions] of the story. Some say she ran after him [marooning from marriage?] some say she was kinapped by Diamamova.

gices 27 Oct 2012

@Sagitarius : I learned something new today, so thanks for that :)

sarah_7 20 Oct 2019

hmm I heard a different story for peter both but...it's interesting!

gices 26 Oct 2012

On top of my head:

  • Myth that the Ganges river in India is connected to Grand Bassin. It's not.
  • Myth that Touni-Minuit was a werewolf. He was a pervert.
Iron_Man 26 Oct 2012

hahaha lol for the touni-minuit.. :D

Khush_Mendossa 26 Oct 2012

Of Mauritius or places in Mauritius? Or both?

Iron_Man 26 Oct 2012


Khush_Mendossa 26 Oct 2012

Thumbs up for the question.

Ghost at St.Jean cemetery - myth
Those that Gices said summed it up.

By the way Grand Bassin is not believe to be connected to Ganges. It's believed that drops of Ganges fell off from Shiva's head as he was taking it to India.

gices 27 Oct 2012

@khush : Yeh, heard that version as well.

sarah_7 20 Oct 2019

what's the myth at st jean?