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Tracking of items from China Post

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I ordered a package from china and i was given this tracking number: [tracking number removed] and this website to track it: i read on the internet that the tracking number given to me is that of an unregistered mail and no tracking wont be further uploaded.please check on the website and tel me what you understand by what is written there

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gices Level 6

When you enter your tracking number on the website, it tells you where your item is currently located and what its status is.

So in your case, the last update logged for your order was on 2016-12-14 08:23:14.0, and it is undergoing an export security scan at Guangzhou Transit Station.

For you own security, please do not enter sensitive information like your tracking number on public websites as that can reveal personal information about yourself. I have removed this bit of info from your question for your own protection.

You can read more about how long it will take for your parcel to reach Mauritius through China Post here and here.

sarah_7 Level 2

you should have got a tracking number

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