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Blue, pink and yellow cards from the Post Office for items ordered from abroad

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rhiteshrasta 07 May 2015

Hi all,

How many days does the customs take to process a mail?

Suppose my mail was received at Port Louis on the first of April how may days will it take for me to receive the mail and also what's does a blue or pink card mean?



gices 09 May 2015

It takes about a week but you can always call them on 213 4813 / 208 2855 to find out if your parcel is ready for collection.

I've only ever received the yellow card in the post which means they suspect I need to pay customs tax on the item I ordered. The blue/pink ones may be for items which require a Certificate of Conformity and those which require a special clearance permit like pharmaceutical/food/agricultural products.

rhiteshrasta 09 May 2015

What will happen if i dont go to collect it ?
Will they return it to it's sender ?