Has anyone bought anything from shirts.mu yet?

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Khush_Mendossa 18 Apr 2012
Would like feedback before trying it.


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gices 19 Apr 2012
No, the website just launched in March 2012 and I just found out about it. People in Mauritius tend to stay away from buying on the internet because they don't like putting in their credit card details online and they don't offer the facility to buy with paypal either.

I also haven't noticed any special discounts for the shirts which would appeal to a lot of customers and the prices seem to be pretty much the same as in the shops. In terms of variety as well, you don't get much choice but maybe that's going to change later (they seem to have a lot of the OneEye brand).

Postal service in Mauritius is not very reliable and I'd rather go in a shop to buy things and get it straight away rather than waiting for delivery here.
fatak 19 Apr 2012
Hi Gices!

In fact, we poor mauritian can't have a commercial paypal account (we can use it to buy but not to receive money)...

That's why we use Klik & pay which is also a well known payment system.

But yeah for sure there is a lot of mauritian who doesn't want to put their credit card number online, that's why you can also pay by bank transfer. (internet banking or bank deposit) And you can also pay by cheque if you want.

For the special discount there is a hot deal section on the home page where you can get up to 35% discount on the products. And usually the prices are less then in shops prices (we try to get it the less possible :P)

And finally for your point on the Postal service, did you have bad experience with them?

Because I must say that I'm quite impressed with their service, so far all our packages had been delivered on time and sometimes even the next day. (hopefully it will stay like that :))
gices 19 Apr 2012
Yep, I'm aware that Paypal is not available for doing business in Mauritius but the fact remains that people are very unlikely to use another payment gateway to purchase. All other modes of payment will have little success rates because we have not reached that level of confidence yet.

Bad experience with postal service here and this line "The risk of loss and title for such items pass to you upon our delivery to the carrier." in your terms and conditions makes me uneasy. Does it mean that if I order something from you and the item gets lost on the way, you don't have anything to do with it and I'll have to sort it out with the courier company?
fatak 19 Apr 2012
Well for the moment about 75% of our users used bank wire and it seems to work well... We hope to change that level of confidence :)

For this line in our terms and conditions, how can we take responsibility if the carrier lose the packet? Of course it is the carrier responsibility.

Anyway it is very unlikely that one's package get lost as we ship everything as registered and tracked package.

But allright let's say your order is lost in the nature how does it work? You will contact us and say :"HEY GUYS where's my package it's been 2 weeks WTH?!"

We say "OOH let's check with the Post!!!" We call them, give them the item number and ask for proof of delivery (as it is registered). If they don't give us any proof, it's directly their responsibility and then you can claim the value of your package with them (as in the mauritian post terms and conditions).

Anyway at the end of the day, the mauritian post does not have any records of a registered order that has been lost so you don't have to worry :)
Khush_Mendossa 19 Apr 2012
And all this started because I wanted feedback lol :p It's nice feedback indeed!

fatak it's me who asked about custom design on tshirts and Mr. Jevin gave me a pretty good response. I really think this will get you more customers (because I'm a great fan of custom designs myself!)

About Mauritius post, I think it offers a nice service as personally I've no complaint yet. Sent/received packages to other countries without delay.

But still, about online transactions in Mauritius I'm still not assured completely. It's the first time I'm hearing about Klik & pay. Used paypal before.

If customers give testimonial I think I will be better assured.

Chill out everyone :)
fatak 19 Apr 2012
Yeah it's definitely a great idea and I hope we can do it soon ! :)

We had some testimonials on our fan page here (hope it can assure you ;P ) :


Anyway thanks for your remarks and ideas !
moricien 18 Apr 2012
I wouldn't recommend you. Its not secure to buy online there.
fatak 19 Apr 2012
Hi Moricien,

Can you tell us why you think it's not secure? :)


(system in used on the website for credit card transfer)
ReenaDKL 23 Apr 2012
I haven't been much on Mauritian sites to buy things, except for a wine site which delivered as promised. Am more an ebay, la readoute, barnes & noble, utsav buyer...they are reliable sites... Yep, as for ebay u need to be more cautious with the sellers (see their stars num)...

I think we still need some reliable sites over here...

Paypa is the most renowned site, that's why I trust it more...

Hope my answer helped :)
gices 23 Apr 2012
Do the shipping costs and tax levied for customs clearance at the Post Office make it worthwhile to purchase from the sites abroad?