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Politics in Mauritius

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gices RoseOfUniverse
kenshiro 15 Dec 2016


Can someone please make an article about Politics in Mauritius?


gices 20 Dec 2016

What would you want to know?

  • List of past prime ministers
  • The constitution
  • The political parties?

What exactly?

RoseOfUniverse 20 Dec 2016

I wish you would write on the whole political hierarchy or some sort of a summary of the whole political system in Mauritius. The kind of article where Tarzan can even understand. Ah yeah..the name of the political hierarchy thingy and what the job they are supposed to be doing. ( One of the reasons I don't read about politics is because I can't understand it and I am sure many people in the new generation( I would like to consider my generation as young :D) is because they don't understand how it works. )

gices 20 Dec 2016

Since when the 40s generation is considered young? :P

RoseOfUniverse 21 Dec 2016

but hey I remain young in the heart ('s rude to reveal the age of a young lady. Where your etiquette young man? )

RoseOfUniverse 15 Dec 2016

Politics is not really my field of interest. I have to admit I don't much about it. But Kenshiro, if you are interested in it or know about it. Maybe you can write an article and send it to clever dodo. :)