Any fantasy books anyone could recommend?

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I'm a passionate fantasy reader having read hundreds of them but now come the time where books are lacking. So it would be great if anyone could suggest some books like lotr, harry potter, game of thrones etc.. thanks :)

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RoseOfUniverse Level 3

I am also a passionate of fantasy book but it has to have the romance element in it.
Here are a few fantasy series :
- Dark hunter
- Fae Chronicle
- Sookie stackhouse
- Dark by Christine Feehane
- Drakon by Shane Abe
- Deep in your Vein by Suzanne Wright
( there are more, I'm a sucker for romance book)

gices Level 6

I don't read fantasy books anymore but my colleagues at work do, so I've asked them for their recommendations. Here they are:

  1. The Wheel of Time - described to me as The Lord of the Rings but much better
  2. Assassin's Apprentice - the triology is quite good I've been told

Hope that helps.

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