Do we use British or American English in Mauritius?

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kenshiro 10 Jan 2016


Mauritius uses which English language: British English(UK) or American English (US)?

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BadFundodo 12 Jan 2016

That would depend on the nature of the work you're delivering (which particular context). Corporate English, classwork, a letter to a friend, Youtube comments, FB status or Clever dodo English...etc (Formal/Informal)

I can't speak for all Mauritians because I have no clue, but I think it might be UK English. BBC World/Sky news is what's on Mauritian TV.

kenshiro 13 Jan 2016

Suppose you're writing a formal letter to someone in Mauritius itself.

UK and US English have a phonetic difference. Its good to know which one to use on an interview or on a presentation.

We tend to mix things when talking in Mauritius lol.

BadFundodo 13 Jan 2016

UK English Vs American English

For instance

Crocodile clip : Alligator clip
Aeroplane : Airplane
Allen key : Allen wrench
Aluminium : Aluminum
Aniseed : Anise
Anticlockwise : Counterclockwise
Articulated lorry : Tractor-trailer

Some words in US English are underlined in red. Clever dodo uses UK

Mauritius has a Hybrid Legal system governed by principles derived from the French code Napoleaon and British Common Law. Prior to Independence we were a British colony.

UK English in my opinion.