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Can I still get a resident permit after divorcing my Mauritian spouse?

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Allem 05 Apr 2015

Hi friend, Im not a Mauritian citizen , i was married to a Mauritian and stayed in Mauritius 8 years on resident permit as spouse of citizen.after 5 years we had a baby,
unfortunately My Wife left me because of another guy and we divorced ,
fortunately she gave me my baby and after staying some time there i came back to my country.

Now the baby ( Mauritian citizen) is with me in my country and im her legal father ofcourse but still im non-citizen.

My Question:
Can i apply for a resident or any permit to stay in mauritius with my Baby?

I highly appreciate you to read and give your time to read my post.
Now hope to get the best solution by any member who can advise me what should i do to back Mauritius with my baby.

May God Bless You All..

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gices 11 Apr 2015

Here's what the law says:

Under section 7 of the Mauritius Citizenship Act, the foreign spouse of a Mauritian citizen may be registered as a citizen of Mauritius, if he/she has resided with his/her spouse under the same conjugal roof in Mauritius for an aggregate period of four years immediately preceding the date of his application.

Since you've been living in Mauritius for 8 years with your then-wife, you satisfied the 4 year period of being together. However you're divorced now, so I'm not sure how that works. You should have acquired the Mauritian Citizenship as soon as you were eligible to, why didn't you? Now my gut feeling tells me it may be more difficult since you're no longer married to a Mauritian woman.

Call this number (+230 201 2154) to enquire, they'll be able to advise you better.