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Can the non-citizen wife of a Mauritian open a bank account in her name?

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anonymous_4 10 May 2013

My friend is the wife of a mauritian citizen, she is a foreigner, and is living here on permanent residency but not yet acquired the MRU citizenship. Her husband says that it is illegal for her to open an sole/individual bank account in MRU because she is the wife of a government employee of Government of Mauritius. Is this true or just a misleading statement.


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anthonish 01 Nov 2013

Hello!I am married to a mauritan and I have four different bank account.Tell your friend she can open her own private bank account and not to mind the husband.she will need to submit her resident permit, proof of address, passport page,minimum rs5000,copy of her marriage certificate.

gices 02 Nov 2013

Is the Rs5000 minimum to open a bank account everywhere?

gices 15 May 2013

The other day I was in the bank and a Chinese worker was asking how he can open a bank account and the customer representative ask him to bring proof of address, work permit and wage slip.

Government employee or not, I don't think it makes a difference and you should be able to have a local bank account.

sphinx 11 May 2013

I would go to a bank to find out. If they let you open the bank account after you tell them your current situation, then I would take that as a yes for it being perfectly legal.