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Importing a recond car from Japan

kevineha 18 Sep 2014


I wanted to know how much tax must i pay if i am to import a car from Japan without passing through an agent?

What other procedures must i do to import the car?

Do i need a permit for that? If yes how?

Finally is it cheaper if i import it by myself or its more or less the same if i buy it from a showroom?

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gices 18 Sep 2014

You will need to pay Import Excise Duty (IED) and VAT. The tax (excise duty) depends on the engine capacity (horse power) as is as follows:

  • Upto 550 cc - 15%
  • 551-1600 cc - 55%
  • 1601 cc and above - 100%

VAT is 15% fixed.

Example to work out the costs involved

If you wish to import a 1400cc car which costs Rs400,000 in Japan. Then:

Import excise duty = 55% of 400,000 = 220,000 VAT = 15% of (Original cost + excise duty) = 15% of (400,000 + 220,000) = 93,000 Total cost = Original cost + Excise duty + VAT = 400,000 + 220,000 + 93,000 = 713,000


  • The reconditioned car should be between 18-48 months old
  • You will need to get an import permit from the Ministry of Commerce and Cooperative

Documents to be submitted to the Customs & Excise Department for clearing

  • Originals invoices and Bill of lading
  • Cancellation of Registration Certificate
  • Pre-shipment Inspection Certificate for Japan
  • M.O.T. Test certificate for UK or SAARPCO Certificate for S.A.D.C countries (regarding non- stolen cars)
  • be covered by an inspection certificate in the form specified in the Sixth Schedule of the Consumer Protection Regulation or containing the particulars and information required in it, issued not earlier than 2 months before the date of shipment by a branch of Bureau Veritas or Societe Generale de Surveillance (S.G.S) or a competent authority in the exporting country recognized by the Permanent Secretary, or with regard to Japan, South Africa and the U.K by the authorities specified in the Seventh Schedule of the above Regulation

Is it cheaper to import a used car yourself? I don't know but based on the information above, you could compute how much it will cost you to get the recond car from Japan and compare that with something similar in a showroom.

The information above has been collected from the MRA website on the links here and here.

Hope that helps :)

amishchucky 26 Aug 2015


If we are importing a car for taxi purposes, does anyone know how much duty we should pay?

parweezrujbaully 27 Apr 2015

If I want to import a car Honda fit or a Toyota vitz how much canon tax should I pay give ms the rates

Muzzammil111 22 Mar 2016

yess it iss way cheaper . but u will need a custom clerk. to make the necessary works. i work in a cargo company. and we can make import permit . n ship any car from japan to MUR :) .
hope it helps

sam6210 04 Aug 2016

Can you please explain how it comes cheaper if we have to import from you?
For e.g if I want to import a 6000usd car.

Thanks in advance