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Online license account problem

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awsomeparadiz gices
awsomeparadiz 13 Jan 2014

Please frnds .. i nid a help.. i already had an account on to apply for my learner etc .. it was last year i create z acount .. but now wen i want to sign in to make application for another license i do forgot my username n passwrod ,, i have click on "forgetten password" but it ask mi username ,email, nic num .. username i dont forget .. i put email n nic number .. but it dosnt work.. i also try to create another acccount but it say zat my NIC number n MY EMAIL had already taken .. plz guys i beg help ... i nid to do application .. thnks in advance ..


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ritee 14 Dec 2019

i forgot my username

i forgot my username while appying for my learner. any information on the steps to follow. please let me know

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Aashna 20 Aug 2014

call on 4549985, tell them your problem, you will get the answer.

ZamH 20 Jun 2016

And who this number belongs to?
I am having the same problem. forgot username, password and gmail account.

Nihaal_Mundoo 03 Jul 2014

Got the same prob, i did some research, found out that we have to create another account with another e-mail. Try this.

jean-michellacide 18 Jan 2014

Got the problem dude and I still don't know how to log in cause I forgot both my username and password. Did you find a solution?

awsomeparadiz 20 Jan 2014

no man .. i try more than 57 times creating new account .. but it say NIC num already taken !! email already register .. when i neither do remember my password or user name .. service la en kuyonad netz. .. e lorla si to pou al line barracks zot pistas lor toi banla ..!!

awsomeparadiz 20 Jan 2014

e lorla wen i try "forgetten password" it ask u user name, email and NIC OR PASSPORT NUM .. wen i put my NIC it say "invalid user data.. please enter correct values" .. kan ki lor mo NIC number seki ena lor mo id samem mone meter .. 1 service kaka netzz.... fuck it!!

gices 13 Jan 2014

I know when the government revamped their portal (new version of, all previous accounts were disactivated and they asked everyone to create a new account instead. This may be the problem you're experiencing.

awsomeparadiz 13 Jan 2014

ah thanks ., atleast an answer dude... zen wat shud i do dude?

gices 13 Jan 2014

You need to create a new account.