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Anbody know any 5* hotel giving special rates for honeymoon? Mauritian Rates......

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bak4gud 08 Feb 2013


anonymous_4 09 Feb 2013


Peaches 10 Feb 2013

Cheapeast room is just over Rs14,000 a night including just breakfast.

Peaches 09 Feb 2013

When I got to a hotel I call up the one I want to go to and negotiate, it usually works for me. Call around and say things like 'Preskil offered me X amount for a day/week' etc. Other than that you may need to visit their website to check for any special offers.

bak4gud 11 Feb 2013

TBH I don't really care about the state of the beach since my stay will be for a honeymoon. I guess most of the time spent will be somewhere else :)

What I'm looking for is mostly a romantic place with great room, food and quality service.

I had more than a dozen quotations up to now but then it depends on the budget as well since i'm planning to invite 10 guests for a dinner on one of them nights.

I'm looking something ranging 7k to 9k p/n.

Peaches 11 Feb 2013

It depends on what your looking for, I love a pristine beach and maybe spa facilities. Others don't care much for a beach and prefer fine dining and watersports. Personally I cannot stand Flic en Flac the beach is terrible, too much coral that hurt my feet, plus its very touristic and over priced but that's just me.

What are you looking for, then maybe I can suggest a few places?

bak4gud 11 Feb 2013

You seem very accustomed to hotels here so basically you can suggest me with one where you had the best experience.
I would prefer something in flic-en-flac or in the northern part.
Thank You

Peaches 11 Feb 2013

Yeah they don't display Mauritian tariff on the websites but when you call they tell you, its like they don't want Mauritians to come to the hotel but when I go I have always gotten a first class service.

Definitely try 'Mauritian style bargaining' there's nothing to lose :)

bak4gud 10 Feb 2013

Thanks for the precious info. I didn't know you could do it the mauritian style here, I mean by bargaining!! But I'll defo give it a try.
I did try most hotel's website but they don't display Mauritian tariff.

sphinx 09 Feb 2013

Most offers are advertised in the local newspapers. So check Lexpress and Le Mauricien for up to date deals. By the way, are you looking for honeymoon or valentines deals? Hotels usually do honeymoons deals for tourists, not mauritians as far as I'm aware...

bak4gud 10 Feb 2013