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Can anyone recommend a good hotel?

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Peaches Khush_Mendossa
Peaches 02 Oct 2012

I want to go to a hotel for a few days for a lazy break, can anyone suggest a good hotel that is at least 4 stars with a really good beach? I've seen a few but because there are so many its really hard to choose, any ideas?


Nerdy_Shika 05 Oct 2012

Try Oberoi hotel ;)

Khush_Mendossa 02 Oct 2012

Sofitel has a good beach and it's near Flic-En-Flacq so party all the time!

Peaches 02 Oct 2012

Yeah I'm past that stage I'm afraid, I have an 18 month old baby, so no more late nights for me :)
Thanks for the suggestion, any others, I don't like Flic en Flac because the sea has too much sharp coral.