Are foreign workers a threat to local jobs in our country?

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It seems there are many expats in Mauritius from countries such as India and China who've come here to work. Nowadays, you can see many chinese on the bus going to Coromandel Industrial Zone to work or find many Indians (labour from India) in supermarkets doing their shopping after they've finished work.

They are recruited for factory jobs or construction work mostly because they are considered cheap labour I suppose. Since a large proportion of those expats can be now noticed roaming the streets, don't you think they are taking on too many of the jobs that would have gone to us Mauritians? The problem is that unemployment in Mauritius is still high and you have the situation where foreigners are getting jobs and you've left with nothing.

What are your opinions?

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gices Level 6

The government must probably have a limit on how many non-residents can come here to work but if there's too much of an influx of foreign nationals, then what can happen is that they are going to bring their own cultures here and that might change ours. Our society already is complicated as it is with people from so many different ethnic backgrounds.

Regarding the problem of unemployment, I think the government is not doing enough to help people who can't get work. Many courses offered at University do not guarantee you a job in that field.

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sphinx Level 2

I was referring mainly to construction jobs or other work which do not require formal qualifications.

Khush_Mendossa Level 3

Simple answer would be YES. But Mauritians are not so keen to have the manual jobs. The coming generation will be fully educated so in the future we will need these foreigners (just like Mauritians in UK who have jobs that the British people do not want).

But for foreign doctors in Mauritius this is another case. It's political. But still a major threat to us.

China gave money to Mauritius. China is taking it back by sending its people to work here.

We should research in what field there is more unemployment.

sphinx Level 2

Not every mauritian will be educated and jobs which do not require any intellect will still be in demand.

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