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Where can I buy a turntable in Mauritius, please?

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michelretournee Muzzammil
Koko_2 23 Jul 2014

Hi there,

I was wondering if someone could help me finding a turntable in Mauritius. I would like to buy one form here itself. Too much hassle going through customs when buying online.

Thanks for any suggestion,



michelretournee 20 Aug 2014

Did you get the turntable as it is very rare equipment now

Koko_2 21 Aug 2014

They are selling it at Damoo and another music shop at Qbornes. The price is however way too expensive. The price is like 3000rs abroad and they are selling it for 10 000rs. Which is a pain. Id rather order online and pay duty, and it will still be less than 10 000!


Muzzammil 23 Jul 2014

Turntable is something relating to music right?
Well fact is surely online you would get better deals

But in mauritius,

- Found in front of jardin de la compagnie

There's a music equipment shop at

Well, i don't know the exact address and shop name

But it is on Dr sun yat sen street , before you arrive to Remi Ollier

on the right side if you are moving from la gare du nord

Koko_2 23 Jul 2014

Thank you. i know where damoo is located. As for the other shop, I will look for it. I shall call them and find out.