Where can I buy roses in Mauritius?

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anonymous_4 03 Jan 2011
I'm thinking of planting roses of different colours in my garden but I can't seem to find a place where I can get them. Can anyone recommend a shop?


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Vacancies_Jobs 07 Apr 2013

In curepipe Ian Palach

anonymous_4 11 Oct 2012

There is a big nursery which sells mainly roses near Moka eye hospital, any local person will be able to direct you.There is a huge variety of roses and they also have gerbera plants if you are interested.I enquired with a vegetable seller at the hospital and it happened that his brother owns the famous nursery. Good luck.

gices 04 Jan 2011
If you live in Port-Louis, sometimes there are people selling rose plants near Happy World building at Deforges Street (la rue deforges). Prices range from Rs100-450 per plant depending on the size and rose type (smell and colour).
As_Mi 07 May 2013

I would really NOT recommend buying plants with the hawkers, they are charlatan. Several times I've bought flowers with them, but they all died, compared to the one bought in a shop or nurseries.

yonne 04 Jan 2011
Espace maison et jardin at Trianon, on the same premises as Shoprite. In fact, roses can be bought almost anywhere on the island at the florists’ or at the big supermarkets, it all depends on what you are looking for. For a large variety, drop by the espace maison et jardin, there are a few scattered over the island or check out the Orchards of Labourdonnais at Mapou.