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What is the lifespan of a Mauritius Parakeet?

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RoseOfUniverse 04 Aug 2016

I have been looking at this particular information on the internet and it seems no research has been inputted for us to know( the average lifespan of a Mauritius parakeet). So, if you know that info,,I would be grateful if you share it with me( or other people who are looking for the answer of that question).


gices 15 Aug 2016

Generally speaking, a parakeet will live between 5-15 years.

There are many factors which affect their lifespan though. One of them is the breed. Are you referring to the Mauritius Parakeet which is known as the Echo Parakeet?

We only have about 300 of them (stats from 2010) and they are in the wild according to Wikipedia. So you must have a different type at home as the former is not bred in captivity as they are still considered endangered.

RoseOfUniverse 19 Aug 2016

Well, it is probably a green indian ringneck, I am not sure though because both the Mauritius parakeet and the Indian ringneck look the same. Anyway, Indian ringneck or not, we all love him/her too much to do anything nasty to him/her. He/she is the new baby of the house.

Wikipedia gave the wrong data. According to the Mauritian Wildlife foundation ( It's one of their project), in 2005/6 stats = they counted 300 birds in 2011 stats= the rate was 520. This is a proof to show how wikipedia is unreliable to extract information. source: The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation Anyway, Thank you very much for your answer,gices!! Keep up with the amazing work you are currently doing. :)

gices 19 Aug 2016

Wikipedia is a good source of information but like you said it may not be very accurate as it requires the help of volunteers and knowledgeable people in that specific topic. The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation on the other hand know more because they are actively involved in the project. That's a very good link btw!