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After eating something sweet and then drinking sweetened tea, why is it bland?

Iron_Man 19 Oct 2012
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Khush_Mendossa 19 Oct 2012

What do you mean by bland? Soothing or not highly flavored?

Iron_Man 19 Oct 2012 taste...
in creole: fade

Khush_Mendossa 19 Oct 2012

Perhaps because your taste buds after eating sweets, sends an electric signal to your brain telling it that the sweetened tea is not sweet enough, hence you get the feeling of bland. It's like drinking alcohol, you need to drink more and more to feel its effect.

gices 20 Oct 2012

You need to consume something sweeter than the previous one to get the feeling of sweet again. This is because your taste buds need something more overpowering to get stimulated again.

Iron_Man 20 Oct 2012

And then you get diabetes.. :p