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How effective are New Year's resolutions?

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gices 01 Jan 2015

With the New Year comes the opportunity for a new beginning, a chance to become a better person, to change bad habits and to make time for things that matter the most.

I used to set these resolutions before but to be honest, most if not all, were never achieved. They were things I really wanted to do but I just never got the time to do them.

So how about you? Do you set New Year resolutions? Have they worked for you in the past?


Jaahzz 04 Jan 2015

Making up a New Year's resolution is like setting up a finishing line for for a horse race. U just have to put on ur blinkers and follow the intended path however tortuous it is. If u go astray midway then the resolution backfires.

So, a person's guts, commitment, willingness and perseverance will determine the effectiveness of the resolution.

gices 04 Jan 2015

You're saying how it's supposed to work is which fine but I wanted to know whether you as an individual set these resolutions and whether they work for you.

Jaahzz 05 Jan 2015

I've once set up a resolution to lose weight (just to maintain a good silhouette). For some 2 weeks i tried following a diet plan. But afterwards, my parents started to feed me with real meals(they were against my diet) and the resolution was shattered.