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Are Mauritian doctors incompetent?

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Iron_Man 01 Oct 2012

Nearly a month ago it was said that our Prime Minister Dr. Navin Ramgoolam was in England to sustain a "minor surgery". Why in England and not in Mauritius? Is he insulting them?


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gices 01 Oct 2012

I don't think mauritian doctors are incompetent. We have talented people in this country but the problem lies in the way the society operates. The free government health services are not great because the working atmosphere sustains laziness and greed for money. Now for those who can afford private medical care, they will get a "better" service. You'll notice the quotes I've used around the word better and that's because even for a paid service, I have found that the attitude and mentality of the doctors/staff questionable. Sure you'll get treated but the service ain't that great.

Usually when you have a choice, you always tend to underestimate what you currently have and you always see the grass greener on the other side. This might be the reason for the Prime Minister going to UK for treatment...

Peaches 02 Oct 2012

Well I wouldn't say incompetent but the service is very bad here, I have been to Apollo Bramwell and that place is highly overrated! There are good doctors out there who will do a good job without fleecing you but they are hard to find in my opinion as everyone seems to be money mad nowadays.

ziya 02 Oct 2012

Yes thats an insult.The govt provides free medical care but they dont treat themselves in those public hospitals.

moricien 02 Oct 2012

We have competent doctors here in Mauritius, but like gices said, the greed for money for some doctors lead them to perform unprofessional!

I've been doing my treatment for years now at the hospital, and the doctors do treat me really well. Anything that have to be done, is done really quickly for me. Youngsters stands a better chance infront of elders (though that shouldn't have been the case).

Its really not fair to condemn them as incompetent, but rather the whole system itself has to be reviewed to have doctors perform much better.

Khush_Mendossa 01 Oct 2012

In my opinion, it's a big YES!...according to what our PM did, while being G.C.S.K.

RoseOfUniverse 07 Sep 2016

No, we should not generalize...some people are good at their profession and some not...I think one of the problems might lie with not having the appropriate/good drugs or something for free(probably because it's expensive) ...I have known doctors from hospitals who are very good at doing their job.

BadFundodo 03 Feb 2016

Liena grand leker lex roi loin chandra. Li laise le public morisien, so ban zenfans, servi bn faciliters lial dehor. Li bizin paye plis. Billet couter sa.. Li p sacrifier limem..Zt pa p tuV. Zt aveugue?? LOL

anonymous_4 19 Oct 2012

The pressure on doctors in government hospital via the working hours (36 continuous hours), Volume of patients who unnecessarily attend hospital as well as the condition of work ( without Airconditioning, broken chairs, dirty environments), makes them lag behind those working in private setups