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Part Time Jobs for Full Time Students In Mauritius

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nea999 27 Aug 2019

Is there any job which is flexible enough that a full time art student can take up?Like working for a tattoo artist,or any related jobs in the (art) community that's paying? I've tried drawing on commission but it isn't the best way to earn cash...Not looking for the highest paying job because let's be real...that's for a full time job only and as a student, we're limited in time but can be pretty flexible.Any advice or propositions please....

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gices 29 Aug 2019

It depends on what sort of contacts you have and what type of work you're willing to do.

If you know someone who runs a small business, maybe you can find a part time job doing some admin work for them in your spare time. Or if your friend friend's uncle owns a shop, maybe they need someone just for the weekends.

Otherwise, if you're up for it, you can do cleaning jobs. People are always looking for someone to clean or cook for them. Just advertise your services in the newspaper or facebook.

There are also a lot of online jobs you can do, from doing freelancing work if you've got some skills or just pure admin work. Just put in the time to research properly and I'm sure you'll find something which meets your requirements.