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Looking for a good Indian restaurant in Port Louis?

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Peaches 01 Aug 2012

Can anyone recommend me a good Indian restaurant in Port Louis? I haven't been out for a meal for so long and have a really bad craving for Indian food.


legend 05 Aug 2012

There's two that I know of and which I've liked:

  1. Rozi Darbar
  2. Chutney
Peaches 08 Aug 2012

Thanks, I went to Rozi Darbar in the end

legend 09 Aug 2012

And how was it?!

Peaches 10 Aug 2012

I didn't really think it was all that, just average, portions are tiny and the menu doesn't say what is in each dish

aisha 13 Apr 2014

i personally think Rozi darrbar is the best restaurant across the island....the food is outstanding and the service is excellent...

the waiters are alwayz there to help...only fine eaters will know its outstanding taste

aquarian 02 Aug 2012

There are nice indian restaurants in Caudan, you could try, I remebered when I was on holiday I went there with my niece and kids. I hope it's still open. The food was nice!

Peaches 02 Aug 2012

Thanks but there was a restaurant in Caudan that was infested with cockroaches, plus Caudan is overpriced and over-hyped.

aquarian 02 Aug 2012

Oh dear I didn't know about that, good luck for your search, I hope you find a nice restaurant and you can give us feedback after that.