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Are students not relying too much on private tuitions?

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gices 05 Jul 2011
Whether it's primary school or college, everyone now has the mindset that private tuitions are the key to success, otherwise a pass is not really guaranteed.

Many parents believe that teachers at school do not do enough and to make sure that their children pass with flying colours, they are 'forced' into going for private tutoring for all if not many subjects that they are studying.

Do you not think that private tuitions is getting out of control in Mauritius?


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yaneshsoomarygmailco 17 Jul 2011
Being a secondary student, I fully agree that if someone does not take private tuition the chances for passing is minimal !
At school most of the teachers do not give the best of themselves.
yonne 06 Jul 2011
Completely, but the sad thing is that in Mauritius we live in a highly competitive society, there’s always the need to be better than the neighbor, to get excellent grades, the government has abolished the ranking system in an attempt to reduce this harsh competition, but there is still the problem of star schools and scholarships; in private schools though there is no need of tutors unless a student is really bad at a subject but then they do come from families who will be able to get them jobs afterwards…
hacker8 05 Nov 2014

the fact is that
EVERY teacher give tuitions
they want to have a side income
they have too many students too keep track of
they do not make the effort to simplify things
many students do not understand
problems arise

gices 05 Nov 2014

So do you think they teach less at school thereby forcing pupils to take tuition with them?

Peaches 20 Sep 2011
Definitely, I am shocked as to how much time children lose in life to study when they should be out playing or taking part in after school activities. All my cousins were always going to private after school tuition just so they would pass whereas being born in the UK this is unheard of!

I did hear that the teachers that offer private tuition also get paid loads more than what their teachers salary pays so maybe that has something to do with it.
Chester_2 31 Jul 2011
I think that students should rely on themselves firstly, because although how many private tuitions a student takes, if he does not put the minimal effort require he will not pass... btw my school teachers are rather good...
gices 31 Jul 2011
...and which school would that be?