Is an air conditioner a necessity these days?

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sphinx 26 Sep 2011
The summer months in Mauritius can be quite unbearable because it gets too hot and many people in the higher class already have an air conditioner in their house.

Ceiling fans or floor fans used to be the norm but with many people now earning a decent salary, AC is the preferred method of cooling down.

Do you think all Mauritians should have access to an air conditioner or should this be restricted to only those who can afford it?

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yonne 26 Sep 2011
I believe that all of those who live in Port Louis should have access to an AC, this is where it really kills in summer but not everyone can afford it and well you kind of get used to the heat over time so it is not such an issue once you have spent years and years with it, for instance I live in Port Louis and I am not affected by the heat at all during summers (but I would love to have a heater during the winter days lol).