where can i take a bmw X5 on rent for 2 days in mauritius??

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redevilers11 15 Jan 2012
need the vehicle for a wedding in February


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Madeleine_Stella 28 Jan 2012
You'll have better chances getting one which is chauffeur driven because most places catering for weddings have luxury cars on hire along with the driver. Any special reason why you're looking to drive the BMW yourself?
gices 26 Jan 2012
Have you tried Mango Beach Tours in Triolet? They seem to have the BMW X5 on hire. Here's their number : 261 3333

The rates are on demand so you will have to give them a call to get a quote and see availability of the car in Feb.

Let me know how it goes.
redevilers11 28 Jan 2012
Thanks mate
gices 09 Feb 2012
Did you manage to get the BMW for the wedding?
redevilers11 12 Feb 2012
nope but i took a mercedes c200
kavish32 15 Jan 2012
nowhere i fink...