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Is takeaway food becoming more popular than cooking at home these days?

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Madeleine_Stella 05 Nov 2011
It seems to me that more people in Mauritius are having takeaways rather than spending time in the kitchen preparing for a nice meal. I can understand that sometimes you feel lazy and decide to eat out or order a takeaway but many people I know seem to order food more than a couple of times a week. What has brought this on?


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legend 25 Nov 2011
I see two main factors to explain this; time constraint on the new generation of the working population and the ease with which the takeaway foods can be bought - not forgetting the choice of takeaway foods now available. And as "gices" mentioned above the increased standard of living is surely also behind this situation.
yonne 13 Nov 2011
For one, with more women out working and sometimes doing overtime too it makes sense to grab something on the way back home rather than cook when you feel dead tired. Second thing I believe is that most people are now in a better position to enjoy getting a takeaway than cook as they have more money, I even know people who have to buy food outside simply because they do not have a proper kitchen and everything that goes with it, and well eating places are kind of mushrooming in Mauritius which is very tempting also. So I guess that it really depends on the situation but as the trend of life gets better, you want to go for what’s easiest right :)
gices 10 Nov 2011
I think this is to do with the fact that there are more middle class people these days than it used to be. Before there were a lot of poor people but only a small number of middle class citizens. Now that's changed and since the earnings per household for these families have increased, they are in a better position to afford the little luxuries of life and take-away is one of those things. It's just that the standard of living for many people (middle class) have increased in recent years...