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Arabic mehendi design

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gices 30 Aug 2011
mehendiCan anyone recommend someone talented who can do nice mehendi designs, preferably arabic? Cousin is getting married in Mauritius and would like a person who's got experience doing this for brides. Must be able to draw with henna on hands, arms and feet.


switgurlrukh 13 Nov 2014

I do Great Designs At reasonable PRICE...
Everyone looking for Mehendi Applier can contact me anytime on Facebook...
My Name is Rukhsaar...And i'll do my best to reply your messages...
Don't Delay
As there are DISCOUNTS right Now...!!!
Prices starts as From 75rs per hand depending on ze designs...

gices 13 Nov 2014

Can you create your business profile on Clever Dodo so that you can put up some pictures for us to see your work and to allow people to easily contact you?

Sofiah 17 Apr 2012
Hey I know it's a bit too late but in case you need somebody in the future i got the right girls for you. They are actually 2 girls & they specialise in birdal (makeup, hairstyling, mehendi, photographs n all..), they even own a saloon in Port-Louis & provide courses as well.. Let me know if ur interested & i can send you their emails or facebook page or something..... n yeah they both do AWESOME mehendi of any style....
Khush_Mendossa 12 May 2012
Can I know where is their saloon exactly? Thanks.
Sofiah 14 Jul 2012

Hi! Sorry for the late reply.. Well am not quite sure of the exact location but the name of the saloon is S'A Parlour & u may contact them on these numbers: 913-2926 / 913-2317 / 490-5774.. They were in le mauricien newspaper recently, u may google them by typing "Le Mauricien Deux Femmes a la barre"..

Peaches 06 Sep 2011
Its best to ask someone who has gotten married recently but depending on the design you may need to get someone younger if you want the modern ones as the older style mehendi designs are not very fashionable nowadays.
yonne 30 Aug 2011
That's very pretty.
My neighbor does that, she's had some lessons and is not bad at all but I believe that there is some professional in Mauritius doing this called Peeroo but from what I've heard her rates are quite high...
gices 31 Aug 2011
Yeh, I've heard that Peeroo do good mehndi designs but they charge quite a lot as well. They even have their mehendi courses now.