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Web Design in Mauritius

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The invention of the Internet has been a very great achievement in human history and the way it has evolved is just amazing. No need to browse through the yellow pages to find the contact number of your nearest plumber now because most information is found online. You’re also able to read reviews about businesses before purchasing their products or services and this comes in quite handy especially if you don’t want to get disappointed and lose money. The Internet provides lots of useful information if you’re researching any specific topic or trying to diagnose an embarrassing illness whilst staying in the comfort of your own home. With more and more businesses launching their websites nowadays, it has become a necessity for everyone to get an online presence if you don’t want your competitors to do better than you.

In Mauritius, there are quite a few web design companies which have popped up all around the island. Most of them tend to have clients abroad, especially France, because in Europe people already know that their business can’t survive without a website. However, with many more people subscribing to an internet package and being able to surf all day with the lower costs of broadband, Mauritian entrepreneurs have realised that they are not tapping into this new source of traffic and those who have already established a website are seeing more sales than before.

A substantial amount of people tend to spend quite some time on Facebook, the social network site though. Therefore some business owners have decided to create a Facebook Fan Page instead of getting a website built for them. It is a big mistake in my opinion because there are several problems associated with it. For example, if Facebook goes down, so will your fan page and any changes that they make (they are famous for redesigning the look & feel of their site every now and then), you’ll have to adapt to. You should spend your time promoting your website and not Facebook and with your own website you can do practically everything – design it the way you want, add functionalities that you think is core to your business, develop it in any programming language that you like and eventually have something that you can call your own. You would not want to distribute your business card and have a Facebook Page listed as your website, would you?

There are some things that you need to take into consideration when choosing a web design company in Mauritius though. First, you should really opt for a fixed fee for building your business/hobby website instead of having to pay monthly. This will work out cheaper and you’re not going to be tied up with the same web design agency forever; they do tend to make it difficult for you to move to another one! Second, you need to have your webpages optimised for search engines right from the start. If they web designer does not have a clue about SEO, go somewhere else. Third, try to see if you can get a new domain name registered for free so that you can have your business brand name as your domain. You also need to ask whether hosting is available with the company you’re going with. Otherwise, you’ll need to spend time to get your website up and running. Fourth, you need to make sure that a basic maintenance plan is included with the website creation. This will help you if you ever need to make any adjustments to the text/images on your website.

Of course, not all Mauritian Web Agencies will give you all the benefits listed above but try to get as many of the points covered above so that you don’t end up losing sleep over business first point of contact on the net. A reputable web design company will be able to offer you advice upfront and tell you of all costs involved before drawing up a contract.

gices Published 08 Mar 2012


tony_6 05 Oct 2015

Can you email me please. I live in Scotland and visit Mauritius every other year. I am semi retired but help several charities and small business's. I would like to discuss some opportunities for Mauritian students/ unemployed/ low paid. Plus learning opportunities (free)
This is genuine. I hope to be in Port Louis over Xmas and New Year.


Minashou 15 Jun 2012

From where can you get a .com webhosting for Rs 120 monthly?

Khush_Mendossa 15 Jun 2012

P.S most web hosting companies will give you below Rs120/mth. I presume you already know what is domain name registration and so on?

gices 16 Jun 2012

Has your website already been designed?

Khush_Mendossa 01 Apr 2012
According to you, a .mu or .com is better?
And what is the cheapest host a Mauritian can afford, as a personal website?
gices 03 Apr 2012
A .mu domain is better if you're targeting Mauritius but the price is a bit steep, Rs2000 a year. You can get a .com for around Rs500 yearly registration fee.

For a personal website, just go with a .com or any other extension that is cheap. Cheapest web hosting you can get will be around Rs120 a month on a linux server.
Khush_Mendossa 20 Apr 2012
Hey Gices, I need your help concerning this topic. But I couldn't contact you on G+ don't know what's happening.

PM me if possible? Thx.
gices 21 Apr 2012
I'll be glad to help. You've got my email address, so send me an email :)
Khush_Mendossa 21 Apr 2012
That's the problem..I cleaned up my gmail lol xD
gices 21 Apr 2012
You can use the contact form on the website as well. Anyway, I've already emailed you now.