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Anyone done the under water sea walking?

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sphinx 27 Jun 2011
What does it feel like? Is it safe?


Pinky_Rao 03 Apr 2012
yeah!!!!!!! its life time experience you carry with you. lovely mind blowing... no fear as those people tale care of your complete safety. if not done so far .. just go for it....
Zeroun 29 Nov 2013


I did it, its really a memorable experience... I did not find it risky or dangerous. Guys bringing you down are really professionals, he could stay underwater up to 3 minutes without oxygen !

Although friend accompanying me couldn't get into water out of sheer fear !

Must try..

yonne 30 Jun 2011
Some friends of mine have done it and they really liked it, great experience to walk on the seabed with the sea creatures all around, yeah it is perfectly safe, you have to wear a clear helmet that feeds you oxygen and there are the guides and everything.
Did you know that Mauritius is the only place in the Indian Ocean that offers undersea walking? :)
gices 28 Jun 2011
I haven't done it but it looks fun though. This is on my things-to-do list for the next time I come to Mauritius as well as the blue safari scooter thing.

I'm pretty sure it's quite safe, otherwise it would have been banned. I've read a few travellers' review on it and they said they had a great time :)