In summer times there are often a cut in water supply.What are actually the reasons for this?

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ziya 26 Nov 2012

This year some regions are also facing this problem which never had to get this trouble before.Very early in the morning people stop getting water and its very late night that the water start coming back.Is this only because of less rain we get in summer?


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Nad 30 Nov 2012

Be it summer or winter the water problem is the same. we don't have a proper water management system in mauritius. Our annual rainfall is much higher than places like Tunisea and Dubai , but rarely you will find water shortage overthere.
Here you have to pay extra electricity to have water.
let me explain firstly you got to buy a water tank, then instal a water pump and then then wait for the tank to be full and use waterpump to have proper pressure.
Just for a simple water problem you have to invest roughly a minimum of Rs 15,000 to 20,000 to have the above done.
what more important is how we make full use of our water, even if there is plenty of rainfall, we do manage to capture only 10-15 % of it , the rest is donated to sea.
In the last 40 years how many reservoir or dam have we built ?
what was our population then and now ?
what do we think that rainfall is only meant for our central plateau ?

ziya 07 Dec 2012

I have ask a question and you are asking me more question.I just want to know what is the reason that water supply is cut so often and the reason that I have heard no one is stating it here,maybe no one had heard that reason.

Nad 08 Dec 2012

I have answered your question, there is no proper water management, thus they need to cut water supply.

And the question is not for you only , it was meant to open a debate , and all have a proper discussion.

But perhaps i was wrong

Peaches 26 Nov 2012

Like others have said its supposed to be because of the lack of water in the reservoirs but where I live water is reduced all throughout the year! Sometimes its only trickling so you cant even wash dishes. The other night it was 7pm and there wasn't enough water to have a proper shower! Its really annoying so I think its a must that everyone has storage water tanks for when supply is low.

Nerdy_Shika 27 Nov 2012

Sometimes the water pressure is so low that the water tanks do not fill up.

Peaches 27 Nov 2012

I don't use my water tank but will have to soon, its not slow on filling but the pressure is too low for using. This is why you also need to buy a booster so that the water has a better pressure.

ziya 28 Nov 2012

@peaches to have better pressure for water supply a booster is to be installed in the water tank itself?

Peaches 28 Nov 2012

I'm not sure where it goes exactly but yeah you need to put it somewhere

Khush_Mendossa 29 Nov 2012

A better solution would be 'inverse gravity through suction'. But I'm not a physicist. But I'm researching on it.

gices 26 Nov 2012

We get our water from the reservoirs around the island. Think there are 5 main ones. In summer, the reservoirs tend to dry up quickly because it doesn't rain as much as in winter and sometimes it doesn't rain at all. Therefore the CWA has to limit the water supply to ensure the water that's left in our reservoirs is used efficiently. People have a tendency to waste water probably because they don't care or just don't realise how wasting water depletes our reservoirs and therefore affect the supply for the rest of us. The fact that water is cheap as well makes people more prone to waste it. If it was as expensive as electricity, then people would think twice before letting their taps run unnecessarily but then low earners would be affected.

Khush_Mendossa 26 Nov 2012

The only reason is because of lack of rainfall. there has been rain after a week in my region. some months ago it was raining almost everday.