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Where to get original unmodified Playstation 3?

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anonymous_4 14 Feb 2013

Well I have a big problem. I want to buy a PS3, but I want an unmodified one because I don't want to play copy games. Does anyone know where they sell unmodified PS3? Thanks...


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moricien 14 Feb 2013

In SONY shops you'll get it around the Island. The other day I saw one for Rs 11,000.

However, in France it is much cheaper and their original games as well. I was there three weeks ago, and my friend bought one for him at around 200 Euros. He didn't have to pay the customs in Mauritius. So if you know someone from abroad coming to Mauritius, that's the best way to get it.

Peaches 14 Feb 2013

It may be cheaper to source it from abroad, I know many people who do this but I am unsure of the going rate for a PS3 here in Mauritius so cannot say for sure. I didn't think there were many people here who play only original games?

I have a Wii and its a nightmare getting original games here because the price is just ridiculous!