Where to get iPhone repaired in Mauritius?

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gices 11 Jan 2012
Does anyone know where I can get my iPhone repaired? My Home button is broken I think. I cannot access the home screen as a result, so if I'm on an app or reading my messages, I need to switch off my iphone to launch another app or make a call.

Just so you know, my iPhone was unlocked by the mobile network itself so it's not jailbroken or anything!

I'd rather not attempt opening the case myself and leave it to the professionals.


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Fluffy_Unicorn 19 Mar 2014

next time you have a problem with your home button and while looking for someone to repair it, just switch on your assistive touch ;)

gices 22 Mar 2014

That's a nifty feature but unfortunately it is only supported in iOS 5+ and I've got an old iphone 3G running iOS 4.2.1 :(

Great suggestion anyway.

kavish32 15 Jan 2012
everywhere where is a mobile repair i fink.
sphinx 13 Jan 2012
You can try Hemsie Cyber Boutique which is located in Quatre-Bornes, phone number 256 60 34. Here's the link to their website:


There are many videos on YouTube which walks you through the procedures to fixing your iPhone step by step. Have a look at them and see whether they seem easy for you to follow, it'll save you lots of money.
gices 15 Jan 2012
Well I took the plunge and got the 1mm screwdriver (most hardware shops don't sell it though which is a shame really) and opened my iphone with the help of a suction cap. I noticed that one little connector for the home button was broken - this probably happened as a result of it falling one too many times.

Bad luck with me, I managed to break the second connector as well! Anyway, I managed to bring up the connectors with the help of some sellotape by placing it under the little home button circuit so that it is elevated and can make contact with the other plate located on the iphone screen inside part. When everything was screwed back on, my Home button was working as NEW :)
aquarian 16 Jan 2012
Well done genius! congrats xx
gices 06 Mar 2012
Update : The home button stopped working because the sellotape moved and I thought I needed a more permanent solution. So I rang Hemsie and the person in charge of running the business was not friendly at all. It seems he thinks because he's quite famous now for repairing iPhones, he can be rude to people. Anyway, forget about professionalism, he told me it would cost Rs800 to replace the Home button on my iPhone 3G and that I needed to leave my iPhone with him for 2 days for him to fix it.

I'd rather buy a new phone than leaving it in his custody. And for what it's worth, a new Home button repair kit costs £3 from ebay (that's Rs150). I was going to order one and replace it but then I decided to try something else before that. I took out my DIY tools (soldering iron & solder) and put some solder on the Home button circuit so that it would make contact with the iPhone. You need a steady hand and confidence in yourself though but the end result is all worth it.

iPhone is back to normal now and since it's soldered now, I reckon it's going to last longer :)
anonymous_4 20 Oct 2012