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Halwa Greo as Breakfast or Dessert

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I’m having a terrible weekend and in all the fuss, I forgot to buy bread and sandwiches yesterday. Moreover, I’ve hurt my knees, so unable to walk much or to ride my scooter. I worked till 4 am, woke up late and woke up HUNGRY! I hated myself for some minutes before I got the Eureka DING! I jumped off bed, freshen up, bun up my hair with a pencil and started to remove the below ingredients while listening to Tumhari adaon pe mein vari vari ^_^ What made me vari vari: Halwa Greo!



4 cups greo (semolina/groat powder)
2 cups liquid milk
1 ½ cups sugar (add more at the end after tasting)
¾ cup butter ghee
½ teaspoon saffron (jafran)
Sliced badam (almonds)
¼ cup dried raisins
3 cinnamon sticks
7 cardamom
2 pinches food colouring
Preserved Cherry

How-To with images

Step 1

Heat the butter ghee in a thick cookware on medium fire. Add the cinnamon, cardamom, badam and raisins. Let the ingredients go gold while stirring.

badam & raisins

Step 2

Add milk, colouring, sugar and saffron to the spices and let boil for 5-8 minutes or until it’s very hot.

milk & saffron

Step 3

Slowly, pour the greo while stirring continuously so that it does not form lumps. Stop stirring when all the milk has been absorbed.


Step 4

Turn fire off and cover tightly to allow the greo to cook with the steam. After 5 minutes, uncover, take a spoon and break the greo lumps. Test if the greo is cooked or still powder-ish. If this is the case, add some more butter ghee, cover and let cook for some more minutes on low fire.

Step 5

When done, slice some cherry and add to the halwa. The halwa can be eaten both warm and cold. But I prefer warm halwa because then the melted butter ghee makes it taste softer in mouth.

halwa recipe

Less than 30 minutes later: Halwa ki adaon pe mein vari vari


If you are not using already-sliced badam, like me, boil the badam in water so that it becomes easy to peel the skin off then slice!
Use a wooden spoon or one which won’t heat up else it will burn… Yeah, I’m saying it from experience.
The halwa can be kept in air-tight containers in fridge for two weeks or more. Heat up and eat whenever you feel like!

Khairah Published 04 Oct 2015