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Fizi Kapsil, the making of!

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When I was a kid and videos games were not so popular, we used to have so much fun playing Fizi Kapsil/Fusil Capsile (Capsule Gun). Nowadays these old games are disappearing as more children get stuck to their computers but if parents can pass these on, we may have more kids playing outside. It can be good for bonding between parent and child too as there's a bit of DIY involved which is going to allow both to spend some quality time together.

fizi kapsil

Things you will need to make the fizi kapsil

  • A piece of wood, about 40-50cm long and 2-3cm wide
  • A wooden peg (steal one from the washing line!)
  • A couple of elastic bands
  • A nail
  • Some capsules
  • A hammer


How to make the Capsule Gun

The procedure is very straightforward:

Step 1
Place the nail towards the end of the piece of wood and hammer it a little bit. Then put one elastic band around the nail and then hammer the nail over the wood. Make sure the nail does not cut through the elastic band though.

nail in wood

Step 2
Take the wooden peg and place it on the other end of the piece of wood. Then tie it with a couple of elastic bands. Ensure you can press to open the peg without any difficulty.

peg tied

Step 3
Flatten the capsules using the hammer. There are 2 variations, one with a sharp edge and another one with round and safe edges.

capsules flattened

To get capsules, you can just go into a local shop (Tabagie) and ask for them like I did.

NOTE, safety first!

When I was younger and playing with my friends, we used to fire the capsules at each other but that can cause serious injury, so please don't do that. I recommend you place a plastic bottle at a distance and try to aim for it for maximum fun. You can also use paper bullets instead and that's going to be safer than the capsules.

To make the paper bullet, just take a piece of paper (5cm x 5cm) and fold it over.

paper bullet

I hope you have a nice time with this simple toy!

gices Published 21 Dec 2013


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Khush_Mendossa 21 Dec 2013

This is good stuff. this was not present in my time. looks like someone is old lol

gices 21 Dec 2013

Thanks, I now feel a hundred years old :(