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The Mauritian girl who never ages

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sarah_7 18 Dec 2019

Neotenic complex syndrome

''Neotenic complex syndrome (NCS) is a syndrome that presents as an extreme form of developmental delay, with the defining characteristic being neoteny of the patient. It was named in 2017 by Walker et al., who discovered several genes implicated in the syndrome.

Prior to 2015, when whole genome sequencing was used to identify some genes involved in NCS, the condition was labelled "Syndrome X" when it was first discovered in Brooke Greenberg. Thereafter, others afflicted with the developmental symptoms were sought out in order to find common genetic aberrations that could provide clues as to cause. To date, seven human females have been diagnosed with NCS. In five patients, coding de novo mutations were found in five different genes which fall into similar functional categories of transcription regulation and chromatin modification Source: [wikipedia] (

Ania Balbine is 24 (2019) I'll translate briefly:

She likes to get tailored clothes for parties. She wants to make clothes for a living. Her mom died when she was 11. She slept on boxes as a baby because she was so small like a doll. She pays kids tariff in the bus. She wants to help in the cooking but they don't let her. She doesn't want to marry for now. She goes to clubs. They let her in after she shows her ID. She was a sister and two brothers. Her aunt protect her again. She has a smile. She never ages.


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gices 27 Dec 2019

Hmm...didn't know they had that condition in Mauritius as it's a small country.

Must be tough for her.

sarah_7 27 Dec 2019

She's doing good, enjoying life. Most of her friends are above 30. She is very trendy. They call her ti madam