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Why doesn't Mauritius have mangrove planting campaigns instead of those big bags on the beach?

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sarah_7 26 Nov 2019

It was a very sad sight; to see the beautiful beaches going away and being prevented with bags everywhere.

Long term data (1967 to 2012) available by aerial photographs and satellite images shows that about 11% of the Mauritius coastal areas have been eroded, with severe erosion at Albion, Bel Ombre and Mon Choisy, while over the last ten years, an average decrease from 50 % to 27 % of live coral in the lagoon has been noted.

The Governments of Mauritius and Seychelles, two small island developing states off the coast of Africa, have accessed a new US$10 million grant from the Adaptation Fund to restore their reef ecosystems - Source

According to UNDP, beaches in Mauritius have shrunk by as much as 20 meters over the last few decades due to higher seas and weakened coral ecosystems


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gices 27 Nov 2019

I noticed this when I came to Mauritius on vacation and went to Pereybere. Towards the right of the beach, we used to be able to walk all the way through to get to the rocky parts on the far curve, some 100 metres away. There was quite a lot of sand to walk on but nowadays the seawater reaches the walls of the seafront bungalows (pied dans l'eau).

I haven't seen the bags you're talking about, do you have any pictures to share with us?

What about those satellite images, where can I see them?

sarah_7 28 Nov 2019

This video shows those bog bags. but it's much much worse at grand baie. They had some 3+ metres of those bags in height. It's really bad. I saw this everywhere around the island. But the mauritian population don't need to care and the local media doesn't talk about it. We still see articles about the beautiful beaches when in reality water is indeed in front of bungalows. In some places there is no beach anymore they just build an inclined wall with rocks. I saw corals in between those rocks. The satellite images is part of a research paper . '' The figures are the main findings of the 2012-2015 project for Capacity Development on Coastal Protection and Rehabilitation is being implemented by the Ministry with the technical assistance of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).'' I'll let you know once I get the research paper.

gices 28 Nov 2019

Which video? You can just drop the link to the video here and if it's from youtube, it will automatically show the video instead of being just a link.

sarah_7 28 Nov 2019

ah yeah I lost part of my answer-_- at 1.28 you can see it