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Why is there racism in Mauritius?

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yonne Madeleine_Stella
kavish32 15 Jan 2012

We are all human beings...god never created religion. It's us who create that.

  • Where that come from?
  • Why people have such behaviour?
  • Do you think one day we will get a peaceful environment with good way of thinking.
  • Do you think 1 day you all are going to be proud to be together and proud to be a Mauritian?

Please respect everyone opinion and way of thinking....thanks for your corporation.



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Peaches 01 Mar 2012
Its not just Mauritius but worlwide, people have forgotten about compassion and take religion too seriously they also have no common sense. I for one respect all religions and people but some people are too stuck up to 'think outside the box'!
yonne 07 Feb 2012
Because it is a multi cultural society, it is very difficult for many races to live together when they have different beliefs and rules; this is a global phenomenon not only in Mauritius but all over the world you will find racism but luckily here people can live peacefully, conflicts arise surely but they are not big deals most of the time (eg v/s Israel, South Africa, Ireland etc). Peace will come when people learn to respect each other, learn to appreciate the differences between them, I for one I'm proud to be mauritian :)
Madeleine_Stella 28 Jan 2012
Too many uneducated and short minded people in the world!

People are too lazy and stubborn to change their attitudes and this is not likely to change any time soon. That's the sad truth.
gices 20 Jan 2012
Mauritius is a multi-cultural society and because of that there is difference in opinions. Each religion want to be the most perfect way to get closer to God and a lot of times this create conflicts which lead to racism.

To be able to live peacefully with one another, there needs to be a shift in our thinking and perception of life and for this to happen, we will need the majority of people to accept a new way of living and that's going to be difficult because the people who are at the top of the ladder (politicians, religious leaders etc) will not let people go out of their control as they are thirsty for power.

Here's a good book to read : The Celestine Phophecy
aquarian 23 Jan 2012
And watch the film as well.........THE CELESTINE PROPHECY
Khush_Mendossa 17 Jan 2012
-Mostly comes from disagreement through petty issues which later made the mole become a mountain.
-People are brainwashed, stereotyped and ignorant of truth.
-One day the arrival will happen and then will come enlightenment.
-Mauritius will be part of the rising and we'll be proud (we are already proud I guess).