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water high pressure cleaner

kantaya 07 Jul 2016

There are so many in the market - trust, mikachi, pacific, bosch, and of course karcher. Can you tell me, which one will be a good buy? Don't want to buy an expensive one if a 3000 - 4000 range will work as good. Need one to wash car and the house roofs (also to clean the blackened walls). Checked Price Guru. Karcher 110 bar K2 is 5100; whereas, mikachi 190 bars is only 3850 :( . Afraid of "bon marché coute cher."

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RoseOfUniverse 08 Jul 2016

Karcher is good :) ( I don't know the detail of the Karcher though...)

RoseOfUniverse 09 Jul 2016

The Karcher detail is Karcher K 6.90 ( Yeah..its a bit old..but we use it a long time )