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Filming in Mauritius !

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shalvee 15 Feb 2016

Hi, I have a question about filming in public places in Mauritius. I've got a friend who wants to start a YouTube Channel. But He's kinda nervous to film in public places..... Is there any restriction to shoot a video in Mauritius ?
Usually in public places, people are present everywhere thus there are chances that they might be in the video! Is that a crime?
What does the law says about this ?


RoseOfUniverse 20 Aug 2016

No, unless it specifies that camera is not allowed or something( There are attractions that do not allow you to take pictures, so read the sign carefully.)
Also, if you happened to be filming road or where there are people,
make sure the person is consented to be viewed on this video or you blurred her/his face.
As for filming road where there are vehicles, make sure the plate number is censored or cannot be seen properly unless the vehicles owners approved of their vehicle plate number being appeared on the video.
(Also, make sure they sign a contract or something so that they don't sue you in the future when you become successful)
In general, don't breach the privacy of an individual or property.

BadFundodo 17 Feb 2016

I don't really know what the domestic law stipulates, but I think that filming in a public place is allowed. Tourists have always done so without consequences.
However, If you're interviewing a particular person then maybe you should have his consent before expozing the latter in Youtube.