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I'm moving house, where can I buy/get boxes?

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LegoGirl 13 Nov 2013

I'm moving and I need boxes where do I get some? And how much? ASAP


gices 13 Nov 2013

You will get the cardboard boxes in different sizes at Mr Bricolage but I personally think they are quite expensive and for the amount that you'll need when moving houses, it'll cost you a fortune. I don't recall how much they cost but I remember looking at the prices and thought "no way!".

So like others have suggested, go to your local shops/supermarkets everyday to stock up on these cardboard boxes and within a week, you'll have enough.

Peaches 13 Nov 2013

I would approach your local supermarket or a big one if your local is very small. Usually the boxes are given away for free, my friend went to Shoprite in Port Louis. Otherwise I would go to local businesses such as that get a lot of stock from overseas as their goods will usually come in large cardboard boxes. Let us know if you are successful.

Muzzammil 13 Nov 2013

i dnt think boxes are sold but in intermart there is a part where you are allowed to take boxes for your shopping if you need
try it and see
i dnt think you wd get much though